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Our focus is on the development of the whole child, where they learn at their individual pace in a safe, nurturing environment.  We believe children learn best through hands-on experiences, using age-appropriate materials combined with play-based activities.  We are a place where children’s imagination and curiosity are valued, and a safety net is in place for risks taking, inquiry, construction, and exploration. 


Our Guiding Principles 

Play is at the heart of children’s learning.

The focus of the whole child guides planning for integrated learning

Relationships with others are the center of Social/Emotional Development.

Educators are co-learners with the children.

Collaborations with families links us to a larger community of support and resources.

What Our Parents are saying

"My daughter started going to Kidz Korner when she was 4 months old, she will be turning 2 next in November. Because she is an only child I was worried that she would miss out on the social aspect of her development. Since she has been there I truly believe she is thriving more. 

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