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"Small schools... inspire BIG dreams, where play and purpose come to life"


Kidz Korner Preschool is an Early Learning Center where play is the foundation of developmental learning within an intentionally planned and prepared environment coupled shared experiences.  Our curriculum is based on California’s Early Learning Foundations and Frameworks, offering a balance of themes, projects and emergent activities. We believe that children attain a wide range of knowledge and skills, when they have opportunities for exploration, interactions and engagement.  Learning becomes both purposeful and playful. Our teachers are qualified, experienced early educators with a passion for working and learning with young children.  

We Invite You to Join Our Community of Learners!!!

Our Classes

In our mixed-age classroom, children have opportunities to develop autonomy, take on roles of responsibility, develop leadership skills and practice prosocial behaviors. 


In our strength-based classroom, children can successfully build positive self-esteem, develop confidence in themselves and empathy for others. Through interactions with materials and peers, children gain ingenuity in decision-making, problem-solving and critical thinking.  Every child is capable of reaching their full potential with the support of their teachers, families and community.

Our Philosophy

Our focus is on the development of the whole child, where they learn at their individual pace in a safe, nurturing environment.  We believe children learn best through hands-on experiences, using age-appropriate materials combined with play-based activities.  We are a place where children’s imagination and curiosity are valued, and a safety net is in place for risks taking, inquiry, construction, and exploration. 

Our Environment
943390-IMG_1966-8f14e - Copy.jpg

The learning environment plays a significant role in each child's individual development. Kidz Korner has worked closely with early childhood experts, designers and university researchers to ensure that our learning space provides every opportunity for children to imagine, discover, take risks, be curious, construct, ask questions, and explore their senses. The classroom offers multiple areas in which children can explore with friends, with teachers,  or in small groups. Kidz Korner makes great attempts to bring elements of nature into the indoor and outdoor space through wet and dry aquariums, natural wood toys, textures from soil, sand, leaves and sticks. A multiple age classroom gives

each child an opportunity to

build on their role modeling skills

and practices in responsibility and


Our outdoor playground allows

for ample physical development,

gross motor development skills

and sensory exploration. Our Preschool Maker Space gives children an opportunity to think collectively.


Kidz Korner believes that focus on the PROCESS is crucial in order for each child to truly understand their journey. This journey is introduced in the classroom through play and child-initiated purpose. Teachers are merely guides who co-learn with children throughout the day. Adults and children act as explorers in their daily adventure of fun, learning and friendships.

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